On April 24th 2020, the Governor issued Executive Order No. 2020-037 to amend the list of exempted businesses during the COVID-19 related lockdown, to immediately allow financial institutions to operate and have personnel to make “visible” financial aid, through state and federal, NGO programs, and small and medium businesses programs defined by the SBA, in extended hours.

This amendment to the lockdown orders did not limit nor otherwise define extended hours.

A subsequent official translation crafted by certified translator Juan E. Segarra and published by the Puerto Rico Department of State defined the extent of the order to the effect of “authorized the operations and personnel strictly necessary to carry out transactions directly related to financial incentives or assistance, through local and federal programs, for non-profit organizations, and small- and medium-sized businesses, as defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA). To carry out the transactions related to the funds approved under the CARES Act,” …

All preventive measures shall be taken by these institutions concerning their employees, giving priority to any work that can be performed remotely, and work shall only be performed in person when warranted.