Title Clearing

Title Clearing services delivered by our firm are uniquely tailored to the specifics of the Puerto Rico Real Estate system.

Puerto Rico was a Spanish colony for over 400 years, which accounts for Spanish being our main language and our customs significantly mirroring those followed across many areas of Spain.  As an additional note, since most of the Latin American countries were likewise Spanish colonies for hundreds of years, travelers find architectural and cultural similarities when visiting countries like Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba and Panama.

The core of our system of law comes from Spanish tradition.  Real estate transactions are performed following that tradition.  Accordingly, title clearing activities are also performed in accordance with that tradition.

At Nolla, Palou & Casellas, LLC we handle title clearing issues on a regular basis.  Either as a condition precedent to a closing, or once a closing is held, our staff is trained and experience in title clearing actions following the specific and unique requirements of Puerto Rico Law.

One particular aspect of our overall practice, is that most of our clients are not accustomed to working with Puerto Rico Law.  I am not referring to non-lawyers, but rather to individuals who have experience with real estate transactions in places other than Puerto Rico, but who are not familiar and may feel some depredation about working under the Puerto Rico system of law.  Accordingly, we are very well prepared in helping such individuals navigate through their real estate transactions with significant ease.

If you have questions, if there are any concerns, confusions or doubts on how our system works and the manner in which you can perform a successful real estate transaction in Puerto Rico, give me a call or send me an e-mail.  I am sure we can help.