Civil and Commercial Litigation

Nolla, Palou & Casellas, LLC’ civil litigation practice spans many areas of law. Our attorneys are experienced counselors and litigators. We consistently display the same tenacity, tireless preparation, strategic thinking and effective advocacy skills whether we are trying a case, arguing an appeal or conducting a mediation or arbitration. We represent clients in civil litigation at both the trial and appellate levels.

Our firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation actions in federal and the local courts, as well as in arbitration and various other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) forums.

We also represent clients during hearings, investigations and enforcement proceedings before federal and local regulatory bodies.

Regardless of the forum in which we litigate, our sole focus is to achieve the best possible resolution, consistent with our clients’ goals, in a prudent and cost-effective manner. One of the reasons for the founding of Nolla, Palou & Casellas, LLC was to provide businesses with the same king of aggressive litigation found in the larger firms, but also providing cost-efficient legal representation.

Our focus is on protecting our clients from adverse court rulings, to help resolve unavoidable disputes, to disprove their adversary’s allegations, or to prove their own. That is, we are here to win and save our clients well earned money. To that end, our objective in litigation is of gaining a strategic and tactical advantage over adversaries by, among other things, anticipating an adversary’s strategy. We pursue every ethical way to win, whether through trial, settlement or other creative legal strategies. Opposing counsel either know us for what we stand or soon find out. This threat can make them more prone to agree to a reasonable settlement, which ultimately leads to saving our client time and money.

Our litigation attorneys’ appellate work has combined thorough and sophisticated legal research and skillful written and oral advocacy. The hallmark of our appellate practice is highly persuasive legal briefs and oral arguments presented in support of our clients’ positions.

Last but not least, Nolla, Palou & Casellas, LLC is a showcase of law firm technology. We combine the practice of law and the power of technology, in order to win and to provide our services in a cost-efficient manner.