Core Purpose

NPC stands for excellence, personalized and timely service and cost effectiveness. NPC’s vision as a 21st Century law firm drives a highly motivated staff serving clients that include national and international corporations, local businesses, and individuals.

The firm exists to help our clients achieve their goals and solve their problems by performing effective, challenging and innovative legal work on their behalf, while using innovation, experience and all available tools to foster efficiencies that will permit the firm to advance and flourish. We accomplish this by knowing our client’s business, its problems and/or goals.

Core Values

On a daily basis, the firm achieves excellence in the practice of law, emphasizing practical problem solving, high-quality legal work, and cost-effective management of client matters. We endeavor to be skilled client counselors as well as lawyers.

NPC’s professionals work minute-to-minute to interpret how to craft legal solutions from our clients’ needs. Working in a meritocratic culture, founded on achievement and exceptional client service, NPC staff work hard and are proud of their day to day accomplishments. We take our work seriously, but work in honest camaraderie. Our approach to the practice and our commitment to quality of life combine to create a stimulating, demanding, yet humane work environment.

Our expertise, creativity and “can do” attitude have won long-term loyalty from an impressive roster of clients. We provide the highest quality of legal service to our clients, while observing the highest standards of integrity and ethics at all times. Our work covers a broad range of business and industry areas, including many enterprises with diverse and complex legal needs.

Our quality focus begins before we are engaged by our clients. We recruit scrupulously for skills as well as communication abilities. Then we educate and train our staff about our clients’ business requirements, their operations, structure, and also provide context through instruction on industry-focused expectations, client profiles and overall environment.

NPC attorneys are known and respected for their expertise and advocacy. It’s what our clients expect, and it’s what we deliver, consistently and professionally. Our past, current, and future success is based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs for legal services and our partnering to achieve our clients’ ultimate goals.

A key focus for NPC is innovation; we are deploying strategic technology solutions, which provide us with cutting-edge service delivery, further cementing our position in legal community. NPC strives to be an on-time service provider. We deliver – consistently. NPC offers 24/7 access to its professionals to its clients worldwide. Our professionals are connected to our offices in ways that most firms in Puerto Rico find unimaginable, so that we can be available to serve our clients needs.

From the beginning, we have offered the highest level of professional services to our clients by creating an atmosphere of excellence in a mutually respectful setting. We have taken away the tension between cooperation and competition. We have reined in those polar forces which in a large firm environment are forever in conflict. The result is a team of dedicated, hard working and passionate legal professionals. Our success is based upon our spirit of mutual cooperation. We all appreciate the special talents of others and consider each of us to be the best. We work together as a team, interact in a friendly and mutually supportive manner, and treat each other with respect, trust and dignity.

The culture at NPC is distinctive; we endeavor to work differently from the standard large firm environment. Instead of hierarchy, we work in an environment of mentorship and cooperation. Because our firm operates without layers of bureaucracy, we maintain direct communication and close working relationships with clients. Our flexibility enables us to assemble the right team to address legal needs efficiently and effectively. We offer the strength and depth of a large firm, without sacrificing the responsiveness and personal service you would expect from a smaller firm. We bring enthusiasm, innovation, entrepreneurial zeal and commitment to advancing the welfare of the firm and our clients, and always seek to improve the firm as an institution in order to realize our full individual and collective potential.